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“Crow Lake” and “Students” by Tom Wayman Essay

In the two tests “Crow Lake” and “Students” by Tom Wayman both show the students and their teachers, but the teachers have not the same ways to teach them. In the two tests there are examples of person vs. person conflict as well as person vs. society conflict. In “students” and “Crow Lake” both speakers experience person vs. person conflict in their lives. In the story “Crow Lake” the narrator is in conflict with himself as well as his teacher in his life. In the test the narrator say, “My job—assistant professor, invertebrate ecology—has a number of components: carrying out research, analyzing and writing up my findings, writing up my findings, writing papers for publication, giving papers at conferences, supervising graduate students, teaching undergraduates, plus a ridiculous amount of administration.” There is also person vs. person conflict in the poem,” The freshman class first printouts showed birthdatehs so recent.”

In the first example, the narrator Mary Lawson is in conflict with his teacher because his teacher teaches him, but their age has many years, even though they have many questions for this, but his teacher’s lesson did not any so boring, it’s so interesting about his teacher’s lessons. He liked his teacher’s lesson. In the second example, the narrator is in the conflict with his teacher, this text also between the teacher and students. As we can see, from these two texts both speakers experience person vs. person conflict in their lives. There is also person vs. society conflict in both “Crow Lake” and “Students”. For example in “Crow Lake” it says, “Teaching I don’t enjoy at all.” As well in “Students” it says, “Wayman observed many clung to the vaccination theory of education, he remembered: once you have had a subject you are immune and never have to consider it again.”

The speaker in “Crow Lake” is the student don’t like his teacher’s teaching way. He thought it was so boring. In the second text “Students” the speaker is liked his teacher because his teacher has interesting way to teach students. As we can see, both tests reveal the conflict that the speaker undergo when dealing with independence in their new lives through this they both experience person vs. society conflict as they come to grips with the change. In both texts “Crow Lake” and “Students” speakers use their teachers to compare, one teacher’s lesson is so interesting, the other teacher’s lesson is so boring, although their teachers ages would older than them but their class had difference way, and make students had different feeling to listen the lessons. As we can see from these two example, a difficult situation can into a person victory if you continually believe in yourself.

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