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Crossing Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Lord Alfred Tennyson’s Crossing the Bar

Lord Alfred Tennyson’s Crossing the Bar is an allegory of death, imagined as a journey on an infinite sea. The speaker in the poem, who is the author himself, muses on the call that urges him to “cross the bar”. The whole work is therefore constructed on this principal metaphor, the crossing of the sand barrier and the plunge into the infinite journey on the sea. What is significant in the poem is the way in which Tennyson perceives death. While death is usually perceived as closure, in Crossing the Bar it is understood as a religious encounter. Death is not only the resolution of earthly life but also the beginning of the afterlife. The imagery of the poem is…

Crossing the borders

This year has seen the art world lose some of its most valuable proponents, from both East and West. The deaths of acclaimed Egyptian director Yousif Shaheen, the renowned Emirati stage legend Mohammed al Janahi, and on the other side of the hemisphere, the consecutive deaths of musician Isaac Hayes and comedian Bernie Mac, have shocked the world and saddened art lovers across borders alike. When he started his film career, Yousif Shaheen shocked his contemporaries by tackling issues which broke the norm of lighthearted entertainment prevalent in Egypt at the time. Using his trademark straightforward style, Shaheen tackled various serious issues as ranging in diversity. He was among the first eastern filmmakers to tackle sexuality in a frank and…