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Crop Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Aztecs simplistic crop-enhancing

The main supply for food for the Aztecs were agriculture and farming. They rely mainly on the crops for every season; they grow, produce and consume food and this is how they get their daily food. Terracing Indicating the societal complexity of the Aztecs, the farming technique known as terracing is complicated and elaborate. They used terracing in the hilly areas and built walls, forming terraces into the sides of the hills. These stone walls ran parallel to the contour of the slope and rainfall washed compost vegetation and nutrients from the hills above. Terracing opened up previously unusable land for farming. Irrigation Because the Aztecs built extensive canal and water-diverting systems, irrigation farming became popular and productive. With water…

Crop Circles

Most of us are somewhat familiar with the phenomenon of crop circles. They are formations that appear suddenly and mysteriously overnight. With the light of the morning sun, a farmer will notice that his crop field has been turned into a work of art. News reporters will flock to the sight to get footage of the mystery. Scientists and researchers will arrive to study the formation and determine if it is an authentic crop circle or a hoax, and people will flock to the sight to feel the energy emanating from the site and discuss what could possibly be responsible for the formation. Energy fields? A mysterious weather phenomenon? Aliens? Or, are crop circles simply another form of human expression,…

Social and Economic Implications of Diseases in Plants and Animals

Social and Economic Implications of diseases in Plants and Animals Plants (Social) There are many social implications of disease in plants. Some of which are: Loss of Productivity and reduced consumption: The diseases that affect the plants make them unable to function properly, which affects their growth processes. They are dangerous to use and this will negatively affect the consumers of these plants. If these disease-infected plants are consumed, they will harm the organisms. It may even cause death of the organism. Loss of agricultural crops: Farmers will lose their crops to these diseases that have taken control of the crops. (Economic) Tobacco mosaic virus can devastate crops, resulting in huge economic losses. On a grand scale, crop diseases can…