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Critique of Value to People Essay

This essay suffers from only one problem regarding the listed items to be contained in the report. Overall it does convince the reader of the creation by the company of value to the people. The implementation caused problems as well, and these problems were sufficient-ly addressed for the author to conclude “overall there was value”. Along with the value was a clear benefit regarding better service. The author spent considerable time explaining how the new system would develop very marketable job skills for those trained to use it.

However, there was conflicting evidence regarding whether it enhanced the workplace. The system did make engineering and quality control functions easier. Production was also benefitted and the implication of this is one of enhanced work experience. However, the system was implemented without knowledge of or input from employees. Further, employee moral suffered due to down time. Finally one conclusion was that employees trained on the system could now leave the company for a better job. The final conclusion is that there was a negative impact for users, which was not fully explained.

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