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Criticisms Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Criticisms in “In the Penal Colony”

The antediluvian apparatus and ancient legal system in Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony” describes the current state of humanity in the colonial era.  Through the use, along with the circumstances surrounding the machine, Kafka portrays slavery and colonialism in the world and the consequences of failing to abolish such ways. The people of the colony are represented by “the Soldier”, “the Officer”, “the Explorer”, “the Condemned man”, and “the Commandant”.  By giving them these names, Kafka has essentially dehumanized them much like those who have been condemned to working in penal colonies; they only have functions, not names.  The harsh bureaucratic ways of the colony can be seen through the punishments handed out as told by the Officer who is:…

Criticisms Trafficking Perspective

The pentameter 1 and 2 and the United Kingdom’s government Action plan to tackle trafficking have many deficiencies regarding the ability of the victims to access human rights. First, the victims are given minimum care. However, there is minimal concern for women who are trafficked for other reasons other than sexual abuse. The United Kingdom government, through the provisions of the two articles, has shown very little commitment to provide fully for this category of women. In most cases, they just remain in the Poppy project. There is also very little awareness creation amongst the rescued women about men who demand to buy sex from them. This means that they are not fully protected because despite the fact that the…