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Critical Responce Essay Essay

A Sound of Thunder and Nethergrave were two both amazing Stories. I loved them both, but there was one story that stood out above the other. This one particular story was Nethergrave. Nethergrave was an amazing lit up story it literally caught my attention immediately, it was so interesting and good it caught my eye at the very beginning. A Sound of Thunder was also an amazing story but I loved Nethergrave a bit more because it was more of one of those stories that just grabbed my attention. The main thought in my head while I was reading A sound of Thunder was why is the story called A sound of thunder that thought just kept running thru my mind but when I got to finish it I understood it and It was a great story. Nethergrave was basically about a boy who Felt All Alone and just wanted somebody to talk to make jokes with and play around with and that is why he lied to his friends on the internet probably because he wanted them to think he was cool and not some skinny kid who had no friends at all. This story was a good learning experience for me because It can teach someone don’t be afraid to tell the truth even if someone cant except you for who you are that’s their loss because you are probably a great person. Jeremy knew that that other kids didn’t want to be his friends so he met some online friends and they were nice to him because they did not know about the real him and he didn’t know about the real them. Basically what the story is saying is be yourself and don’t lie to be accepted. This was an amazing story and I loved it.

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