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Critical Analysis of Two Primary Schools Essay

A critical analysis of the All Saints Primary School and Liverpool College Prep School websites. All Saints homepage immediately stresses the importance of learning together and demonstrates the emphasis that is placed upon religion within in the school. Their mission statement is presented as being “All Saints is a community where God’s light in each individual is nurtured and loved, allowing his spirit to shine in each one of us within our Catholic environment”.

This is in contrast with Liverpool College which instead chooses to focus upon academic attainment on its homepage, stating: “High academic achievement is our primary aim and our results in national tests show that our standards are some of the best in the city and far above average in mathematics and English”. Both websites are extremely informative to the browser and offer detailed information on issues such as admission and behavioral policies.

There is also a message from both headmasters outlining their visions for the schools. The schools contrast however in their ethos, religion appears to play an integral role within all aspects of All Saints whereas there is no mention of it within the Liverpool College website. Although both schools place a great importance upon producing an environment in which every child matters and feels secure.

Liverpool College Prep School also displays information concerning tuition fees, whereas All Saints website being a voluntary aided school is free of cost to prospective pupils. Both schools however do demonstrate the significance they place upon extra-curricular activities by dedicating pages on their websites to the opportunities that are available to pupils within their school. The websites of both schools also outline the curriculum the school adheres to as well display their anti-bullying policies so they are accessible to all.

The two schools display information for parents and offer advice and support in how they can effectively support their child through primary education. On the All Saints website this page is accompanied by a behavioural policy which the children are expected to comply with. Liverpool College asks parents to contact the school if they would like to receive a copy of the behavioural policy.

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