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Critical Analysis of a Journal Article Essay

The study of Oncology concerns most and every citizens. Oncology is the study of anything about the nature, medication, and strategic methods in understanding and treating cancer (Kaminsky, 2009). Based on the information provided in the two articles, Oncology was the main focus of the authors. The authors discussed two distinct strategies in dealing with treating the cancer patients. However, I found Takimoto’s (2008) article more convincing than the other article written by Bertino et.

al. (2007). To start with, the article by that of Takimoto discusses the proposed method of phase 0 clinical trials to human and animal testing in attempt of the doctors and clinicians to find a cure against cancer. Also, in the article, several advantages of using the clinical trials are imparted like: the reduction of time, and minimal cost of injury or any other harm to both human and animals. Therefore, I agree that phase 0 clinical trials should be performed.

In the article innovation was emphasized and linked to the development of products (medicines) through creative manipulating of the dosages that the sample animals or humans, as participants of the trials should receive. Moreover, it was preconceived my many that several dosage could make a patient weak or worse. Thus, it is important among clinicians to define how the dosage should be executed and when shall it stop (Takimoto, 2009). References Bertino, J. , & Greenberg, H. J. (2007). College of clinical pharmacology position statement

on the use of microdosing in the drug development process. The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 47,418-419. Retrieved January 28, 2009 from the Medline database. Kaminsky, A. (2009). What is oncology? Retrieved January 31, 2009 from http://www. wisegeek. com/what-is-oncology. htm Takimoto, C. (2009). Phase 0 Clinical trials in oncology: A paradigm shift for early drug development? Cancer Chemotherapy Pharmacology, 63,703-709. Retrieved January 28,2009 from http://www. SpringerLink. com

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