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Criteria Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Assessing Books in Line with the Greenaway Medal Criteria

The Kate Greenaway Medal is one of the most prestigious awards given in the UK. It is awarded annually for distinguished illustration in children’s books. Awarded along with the Carnegie Award (given for distinguished writing in children’s books), the Greenaway Medal is given by the Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals (CILIP). For more than half a century now, the Greenaway Medal has been regarded as one of the most aspired recognitions by illustrators. Since it was first awarded in the year 1956, hundreds of prominent British book artists like Lauren Child, Anthony Browne, Shirley Hughes, and John Burningham have already received the award. The criteria Books which are nominated for CILIP’s Kate Greenaway medal must be of exceptional…

Class room criteria

This paper discusses different instructional criteria that can be used to accommodate different styles of learning within a standards-based curriculum environment. Before the development of the various criteria, it is important to understand the nature and complexities of different learning styles and how these complexities are affected by the standards based curriculum. Learning styles It is important to realize that all people are different and also that their interior and exterior communication processes differ, often in a massive way. The learning styles and message relayed by the teacher is interpreted in different ways by each student. However, by identifying certain traits about the methods used by people to learn, it has become possible to group certain styles under a common…