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Criminal Investigations & Criminal Evidence Essay

Why is non-verbal communication important when testifying before a jury, and what suggestions do you have for helping a testifying officer make a positive impression on a jury? Jurors are selected by the judge, prosecution and the defending attorney. The judge will provide the list of potential jurors to both the prosecution and the defending attorney for the selection process to participate in the trial case. For either the prosecutor or the defending attorney jury selecting a jury is normally very similar in its process. The selection of the jurors is completed after the trial initiation and the arraignment and plea.

The Sixth Amendment provides the any American citizen the right to an impartial jury (Hess Orthmann & Hess, 2013). The process both the prosecution and the defending attorney use to select a juror is called “voir dire” (the preliminary examination of a witness or juror to determine his or her competency to give or hear evidence). These people are questioned by both the prosecutor and the defense attorney. During this process the potential jurors are questioned about a number of things, from their religious practices to things that have happened to them.

The reason for these open ended questions is to see if the juror will be biased against the accused, or may have beliefs that will harm a case (Hill, 2005)(Hess Orthmann & Hess, 2013). Both the prosecution and the defending attorney utilize some common tactics and potential jury processing techniques. Both parties study their case and establish a tactics to confront the potential jurist with. They may even hire a Philologist with jury selection specialty training to assist their jury selection. First is the belief and attitude examination of the juror (Hess Orthmann & Hess, 2013).


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