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Criminal Investigation (Arson) Essay

What are the similarities and differences between an arson investigation and a bombing investigation? Arson is the intentionally setting of fires to property, persons, and vehicles. Bombing can be defined as the offense of using a projectile, or explosive weapon to cause alarm, panic, danger, or death. There are many similarities and differences between the investigation of a bombing and the investigation of arson. The similarities to conducting an investigation for arson or bombing is as follows:
1) secures the scene upon arrival, have authorities evacuate the area and keep people from contaminating the crime scene further.
2) Notify the proper authorities or investigators to respond to the scene.
3) Begin the process of eliminating any accidental possibilities.
4) Begin to observe the structure, person, or object damaged by the fire or explosion and attempt to locate the point of origin.
5) Observe if any physical issues caused the damage.
6) Begin to collect and process the evidence.
7) Back track and make sure all information is taken and processed before leaving the scene. Be sure during the entire investigation we are using our senses and interviewing any credible witnesses.

There are numerous differences when investigating an arson or bombing. Normally a bombing situation is going to be more chaotic, and have the possible for more causalities. During a bombing investigation, many other agencies including federal, local, and state agencies will deploy teams and personnel to assist. Bomb dogs and Bomb technicians will arrive on scene and control the security cordons for the scene. Many different groups and personnel will have certain jobs and duties to perform in order for the scene to become clear. During any bombing investigation a secondary (explosive) device needs to be discovered before any time of physical investigation can begin. After the scene is cleared a further investigation can began.

During an arson investigation, the local Arson investigator will normally control the scene upon arrival and complete the arson investigation. Very seldom do federal authorities become involved unless the arson occurs to federal property. Generally Arson investigations are not a chaotic and time sensitive as the bombing investigation. Arson investigations are filed through police and the fire department at most agencies. As shown there are many similarities and differences between an Arson investigation and a Bombing investigation. Both investigations are important and represent direct threats to our country, citizens and property.

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