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Crime Rates Essay

What we usually have in mind when we talk about the crime rates is a well known fact that crime rates are increasing. So,people who are related to this issue should try to find a solution so as to solve the problem .Up to now many countries have tried to decrease crime rates. However,many of them have failed .Everybody has a significant roles so as to decrease the crime rates such as parents and governments.

First of all, it is worth bearing in mind that parents should train their children so children will not change the crime rates .Thus,crime rates will not increase . Parents should raise awareness their children because according to research conducted children who are conscious about crime do not commit a crime besides parents should not leave unattended their children because generally rambling children have amount of influence on the crime rates.Also parents should be interested in their children .Experts said that slummy person involve in a crime easily .Therefore parents take care of their children

It is last but not least governments should make provision as fight with crimes because researchers believe that only if governments attach importance to crime rates , can they decrease the crime rates .Governments should provide equipments so as to overcome to crimes.Thanks to more equipments , governments can reduce the crime rates .Governments should be in contact with other governments because increasing of the crime rates are not seem just one government.So, they can help each other about this situation.

To sum up ıt should be noted that parents have a considerable amount of effect as decrease the crime rates .Nowadays every segment of society is looking for a way to solve as decrease the crime rates.

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