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Crime of their child Essay

The argument here is whether parents play a significant role in the formation of self control towards committing a crime of their child. Well, psychologically, this is still debatable. This is a matter of “nature or nurture”. The problem is whether the child’s personality is influenced by the environment’s upbringing, the genetic composition of the child, or both. We can not merely say that the formation of self-control towards committing a crime is environmentally motivated—which in most cases the parent’s discipline to their children.

There are a lot of parentless people out there and are doing well in the society. In fact, some of them are more responsible and self-disciplined. The person’s personality is not merely dependent on how he is molded when he is a child but also on how he interacted with the environment he is situated. People have free will and are liberated on how he will decide on his life—what to choose, left or right, black or white, good or bad. Let us now talk about genetic composition alone. Do you think that every person has different levels of self control? For me, it is yes.

But we can not directly say that personality is solely influenced by the person’s genetic composition but also the shaping by its environment—the parents. There are some people that are used to be bad but have managed and chose to be good. It’s what we call personal autonomy—we have the control to our lives. To conclude, I personally believe that a person’s character is motivated and influenced both genetically and environmentally. The two factors contribute to the formation of the person’s personality, specifically the formation of self control which we are discussing right now.

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