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Crime fiction Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender

The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender is crime novel about contemporary Australian life, written with all the ambiguity and moral sophistication of most “who dun-nits “. It looks like crime, and sounds like crime, and sells like crime, but — it’s Literature! Its Opening is a subversion of the genre – a reversal of expectation as we are duped into believing this is your typical male private eye (P. I. ). The role reversal – a female in a traditional male dominated field; women can do everything men can do – challenges the stereotypes of traditional crime fiction. Purpose: (themes, concerns, issues main ideas….) 1. To create a sense of place — Sydney. Marele Day had spent four years…

Memento Film Analysis Paper

Memento (2001), a film that was written and directed by Christopher Nolan, has captivated the attention of movie and puzzle enthusiasts everywhere. Some may call it a Drama or Mystery, or even a Thriller or a Neo-Noir film, whatever the case is, this film fits most, if not all, of these categories. Memento is a film about a man, Leonard Shelby who lives his life with Anterograde Amnesia which leaves him incapable of making new memories. He spends the time in this film putting pieces of a puzzle together that will hopefully lead him to find the man who raped and killed his wife. Christopher Nolan takes us through a crazy journey that involves twists and turns, Fear and Anxiety…

Mystery Genre

In the first video segment, Smith discusses the definition of a Mystery Genre by separating the different aspects of mystery into subgenres. There are the cozies, serial killer books, suspense, and classic mysteries. Smith says that’s cozies are mysteries devoid of onstage violence and sex. For example, in a cozy the protagonist would be a cat or a British housekeeper and also the crime solver. In serial killer books, everyone dies in a very gruesome and graphic way. Classic mysteries the reader asks the question of, what just happened? While suspense thrillers the reader asks, what is going to happen next? Smith goes onto explain that suspense uses multiple points of view and that the protagonist and antagonist were on…