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Creon’s Soliloquy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Creon’s Soliloquy: A Cathartic Ending

A number of scenes in “Antigone” are equally significant. These include the confrontation between Antigone and Creone, the confrontation between Creon and his son, Haemon, and the death of Haemon, which signifies the fall of Creon. However, there is one scene that cannot be omitted from the play. In fact, it is the scene that everyone awaits, when the king cries in agony for the great tragedy that happens in his kingdom. This is the final scene showing Creon’s soliloquy as he reflects upon his ill-doings and his ill fate. The scene is very sensitive. Any actor performing it cannot overdo it or underperform because doing so would lead to a different interpretation. Considering that Creon is a king, the…