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Credible Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Creating a Credible Culture

Nowadays if organization is willing to be successful and to respond quickly to changing demands, it should paid thorough attention to organizational cultures. Smart leaders and executives realize that greediness isn’t a bet of wealth and success as well as outward appearance of success shouldn’t be the substitute of achievement. Suzanne Bates claims that “when we allow spin to be used as a synonym of deception and when cutting ethical concern can pass for courage, leading the old-fashioned way somehow seems dreadfully dull”. (Bates 2003) Good name and respect of organization are rather vulnerable and, thus, organizational culture is of great importance. The most important thing for organization is the creating of atmosphere of trust. Place being respected for honesty…

Confidence intervals

Confidence Intervals have numerous applications for professional activities. Confidence Intervals have a wide use in defining the outcome of a particular question. The use of confidence levels are used commonly in Health, Business, Politics and Engineering venues. There are three examples that will be recognized as having real world applications regarding confidence intervals. An Empirical Test of the Black-Scholes (BS) Option pricing model exhibited the use of a confidence interval approach. The BS model is a model used to determine price variation over time such as stock options. The utilization of confidence intervals to determine if the BS model was accurate was concluded “constructing a 95 percent confidence interval for the call option, we found in general that significantly less…