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Creative Intelligence Essay

1. Introduce change

Discover new solutions

Make ideas exciting

Work best with people

2. My strength is being




3. Successful people are


Willing to take risks


4. I get my best results by
Focusing on current problems

Applying careful analysis

Trying new products

Gaining the support of others

5. I see the future as

A challenge

Providing many opportunities

Facilitating change

6. I appreciate teachers who

Explain ideas clearly

Making learning interesting

Recognize original ideas

Involve others in learning

7. People see me as


A perfectionist


8. People who make things happen
Are highly motivated

Enjoy experimenting

Have the courage of conviction

Challenge the status quo

9. Discoveries depend on
Being committed

Being curious

Being open-minded

Having a broad perspective

10. A good writer
Is convincing

Presents new ideas

Provides a unique perspective

Has a compelling vision

11. Breakthrough thinking
Makes progress possible

Helps to solve difficult problems

Explores new frontiers

Encourages teamwork

12. I dislike

13. I communicate best by being

14. I am committed to

15. Creative organizations

16. Achieving results depends on being

17. I prefer situations where I

18. Change depends on

19. My goal is to

20. Leaders

21. Ethical Behavior

22. The arts

23. Creative thinkers

24. Breaking with tradition

25. When under pressure, I

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