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Creation myths Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Greek and Inuit Mythology

Parallelism in Greek and Inuit Mythology The very early creation legends are difficult to trace to their original sources, since they were passed along by word of mouth from one generation to the next. There are many different legends about the origin of the earth, some similar to those told in other cultures. It is interesting that most of these legends can be tied together in one or more ways. The Greek and Inuit tribe versions of early existence are related in many ways. In both interpretations there is one creator. The Greek version explains that Eurynome, the goddess of all things, rises naked from chaos and finds nothing for her feet to stand on. She then separates the sea…

Creation Myth Essay

There are many different creation myths from different religions and different cultures. Two of the many creation myths are the creation myth of Genesis and the creation myth of India. Although these are both creation myths there are still some similarities and some differences between the two. The similarities between the Genesis and India creation myths are that both of the creators are benign and both of the Gods are supreme while the differences between them are that the reasons why man was created were different and the creations are accomplished in different ways. The two creation myths of Genesis and India are similar because both of the gods are benign. In the creation myth of Genesis, God gave everything…