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Creating Safe Environments Essay

Collaboration with parents is one of the most challenging and critical issues that cause misunderstandings within the classroom and throughout the school building. It is a non-negotiable expectation among parents and teachers that include building a network between and among parents and teachers. It involves a sense of mutual respect as well as an understanding of different viewpoints. Teachers should be mindful that building relationships early in the school year will result in a positive classroom environment in which students have a secure place to learn.

Parents and teachers should share expertise regarding the student in which information about learning styles are presented in a non-threatening manner. Teachers should be able to use limited amounts of teacher language so parents are able to understand expectations within the classroom as well as establish guidelines for following up on strategies at home. As a parent, I would appreciate a relationship with the person who spends most of the day with my child. I would gain insight into the way my child thinks in various situations to create a deeper understanding of relationships in the real world.

The need for character education for parents lies in the fact that children should be shown examples of good character both at home and at school. “School has to build the work that the family does” (Lickona, 2009). Parents should unequivocally be involved and taught character education strategies. Much of what we see as teachers is a reflection of a poor home environment as parents who live complicated lives. Many are single parents and lack the time or resources to handle the complex problems of children today.

They want nothing more than for their children to be successful, but as educators, it is our responsibility to provide resources for parents such as strategies and techniques, parenting courses with childcare and methods which foster values that all people should acquire in society. In this ever changing world, I, as a parent would welcome some insight to how my children are becoming part of the world they live in. This collaboration in character education should be purposeful as is our teaching. The purpose of character education should change the way the classroom works and feels, not just the way each member acts (Lichona, 1991).

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