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Creating Climates for Learning for Diverse Learners Essay

In the case of Pon, it makes sense that his behavior and learning problems do stem from the fact that he is different from his peers. In his age group, it is usually the case that being different results to being discriminated against (Rogers, 2004). Rather than forcing the child to “fit in” with his classmates, it would be more appropriate to channel his differences to positive learning experiences.

Activities that promote the showcasing of individual differences such as “show and tell”, or “talent shows” may be incorporated to allow the class to express their ideas and make each other see how different they are from one another. In discovering their differences, each member of the class would realize that being different is not such a bad thing. These activities would make Pon feel more confident about his unique identity and make his classmates appreciate him more.

Once his classmates are able to see that Pon also has talents that he can share with the class, there will be a greater possibility that his peers would interact with him. In the case of Araceli, her limited English speaking skills can truly be a source of personal frustration and depression. In order to combat these dangers, her teachers should provide opportunities for her to appreciate her speaking abilities in Spanish. This can be done by asking her to join speech competitions in Spanish.

While her language teachers should remind her about the importance of learning English, they should also applaud her for her fluency in Spanish and inform her that Spanish itself is a major language. In both cases, it is important that teachers do not make the mistake of affirming student differences as negative traits. Teachers should help students celebrate their individual differences in order to build their self-esteem and make them more comfortable with the learning environment. Reference Rogers, J. (2004). Pedagogy: A Multicultural approach 3rd Edition. NY:

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