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Creating Ads Essay

For an outdoor billboard, an image of a big white bowl will be used. The bowl will be held by a muscleman, but the image of the bowl will be bigger than the man. The big bowl will have Wheaties cereal in it as well as a splash of milk. On the background will be the box of Wheaties. On the lower part of the billboard will be the tagline: Wheaties – Strength of a hundred men in one bowl.

TRANSIT AD For the transit advertisement, a flying man in red superhero caped suit will be used. The man will be seen pulling a white bowl of Wheaties cereals, milk splashing on the side, on his right hand. The left hand will be showing a thumbs up sign. The man is smiling and winking. The tagline, Wheaties – Strength of a hundred men in one bowl, will be put across the top of the advertisement.

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