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My name is Eric Thomas Mendoza, and I am the newly appointed manager of the products division for my company. The job of my team is to conduct research for my company and ensure that we are getting the best possible deal in the best interest of my companies business. My associates and I have recently discovered that we may be paying a higher price with your company versus your many direct competitors, one example that stands out is “Portmouth Paper Supplies.”

My records indicate that your company and my firm have been in business together since the inception of my company, in 1988. Although I am required to get our products at the lowest cost, I would prefer to keep your company as our main paper supplier due to our long-standing relationship with your company.

I am asking you to consider that you consider 10% price reduction for all of our orders over $400, which would make the prices more competitive and allows us to maintain the ongoing relationship between our companies. If you do not wish to give us a more completive rate , by either beating or exceeding your direct competition, then we may have to discontinue our business relationship, because of basic economics and the present state of the economy. Your contract with us reaches its conclusion in 30 days. We here at Halcyon would like to offer to continue our business relationship, but that depends on you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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