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Covey Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Covey Principles

In a society where everything is quick-fix and modeled after the fast food restaurant it is no surprise that corporate America faces the current dilemma of failing management and disinformation. Covey reminds us we must be willing to get personally involved with our job, life, family, and so on. This essay will discuss four principles needed not only in business but everyday life as well; Security, Guidance, Wisdom, and Power. Security does not mean what it used to twenty years ago. In times past, a hand shake could seal a business deal. Now, there are multiple copies of signed pages holding each party to their word. Also, a man was as good as his word in years gone by. Today…

Book Report & Stephen R.

Stephen R. Covey is a well-known writer of many self-help books. He is one of the leading writers in this genre of writing. His book, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,’ was published over twenty years ago. Its fifteenth anniversary edition was released in the year 2004 to mark its amazing success. Apart from being a writer, Stephen R. Covey is also a humanist, an academician and a renowned speaker. His clarity of thought and his ability to convey the same to his readers is seen in this book too. This ability if his has also made him a highly influential guru in the field of business management. He has a flair for writing in a style that helps…