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Cover Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Beneath The Cover

This is the twenty first century – the age of freedom, individuality, progress and stark honesty. Or is it? Yoshino’s revolutionary writing “Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights” give us sufficient reason to believe that things haven’t changed as much as they should. “Covering” is described as an act “to tone down a disfavored identity to fit into the mainstream” (Yoshino, 211). The truth is, almost everyone sees himself as “disfavored”. It is not just a simple case of low self esteem. It is the universal feeling of being inferior to another on account of gender, class, race, religion, wealth, beauty or any other reason. In order to cover up this undesirable characteristic, the individual resorts to hiding…

Letter of application

Though there are many formats, full block format with open punctuation marks is the most popularly used forms in today’s business communication. Full block format means, aligning all the parts of the letters in the left margin without indenting. One line space has to be left between the parts. Open punctuation refers to using punctuation marks only in the main body of the letter in order to ensure clear comprehension and omitting punctuation marks like commas and full stops in all other parts (date, address, salutation, subscription, etc.) How to Write an Effective Cover Letter? An effective cover letter must convince the employer that the candidate possesses the requisite skills for the job and ensure him that he is the…