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Couples Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Couples Therapy

In any marriage relationship, it is usual or rather natural to have some adjustments in its early stage. This is so because there is a high degree of expectations in both parties; and so, because these expectations are mostly “unrealistic,” to modify or adjust them are somewhat difficult to both sides. It is a fact that when two individuals come into a marriage union, they bring with them two different perspectives in almost all respects. Marriage and the fruit of the union – the family – is the basic unit of society and regarded as one of the most principal institutions of the social order. When marriages fail and families disintegrate, there is without a doubt a “ripple” effect on…

Employment and Dual Career Couples

The organizations who are hire spouses can decrease unemployment rate. Nowadays, one of them is not working, but they have qualification to get the position in the organization. So, when one of them who are working in organization can suggests to the employer to recruit their partner in the same organization. Then, the employer can consider the suggestions and he or she can recruit spouses for working based on vacancies and qualification of the job in the organization. 2) Reduce the loss of qualified workers Nowadays, many educated, professional men are choosing to marry educated, professional women instead of traditional housewives, companies are faced with the prospect of losing qualified employees when a spouse gets a new job in another…