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Countries Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Pro/Anti Natalist Countries

France: France had an early beginning to family plans and pro natalist policies. Already in 1939 the ‘Code de la Famille’ was introduced because of the declining fertility rate in France. It had banned the sale of contraceptives which was repealed in 1967, banned abortion which was also banned until 1975, offered cash incentives to mothers who stay at home to take care of their children. Now the addition of aging population, fertility rates and economic growth is causing the population to not only decrease but also increase in elderly. By 2050 more than 25% of France’s population will be elderly of 65+ (1). Health care for the elderly is evolving dramatically, people are less inclined to have children as…

Compare and Contrast – Countries

History should be an interesting subject, but I dislike it when it comes to the history of Islam or whatever things that are related to Islam. It is not that I am being racist because at my own perspective, in order to study well in subjects related to history, one has to have the interest to explore it and find out what caused such historical moment to occur, and I have the least interest to explore Islam. However, things go the other way round when it comes to the history of my motherland, Malaysia and our neighbor, Singapore. When I looked at the world map for the first time when I was young, I was shocked to see the size…

Exaggerated Global Warming

Global warming is worldwidely experienced climatic phenomenon; but the question is, is it really that serious? Global warming has been a major issue as a result of industrialization as well as human progress since the past few decades. The cry to bring global warming to an end has been carried on by private in addition to international organizations since the initiative was first put forward. Global warming occurs as a result of devastating factors that negatively affect the climate. There are numerous sources that give details about the causes and effects of global warming. Each and every living organism has been negatively affected by the current global warming. This paper will evaluate various sources in order to demonstrate the dangers…