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Counselling Psychology Essay

From the term’s meaning itself, “existence” is the primary keyword that identifies the idealisms imposed through understanding the deep meaning of existential personality.

It could not be denied then that unlike other theories of psychology and human behavior, existential personality theory has not been founded by any prominent personality in the field of human sciences, rather, the theory was introduced as a collaborative understanding that has been brought to existence through close observation of several individuals who have definite purpose in living in comparison to those who may have the hardest time identifying the reasons as to why they are living.

With the many things that identify human life at present, “purpose” is one particular aspect that keeps one on the focus of facing the different challenges of living as they come. Considerably, an individual who knows what or for whom he is living for strives harder to survive the challenges of living as much as they could since they do know that there are others caring about them or there are others sorely needing their existence. Being needed is the key reasoning that brings about the possibility of this theory coming into existence.

Every person needs to feel the possibility that he is needed by others. Through this, he is able to draw the meaning of life to him which in turn motivates him to remain where he is even though there might be huge heaps of challenges that tend to break him down every day. Noticeably, the life of people who have purpose does have a distinctive difference in comparison to those who may not have the people around them who they see as someone to live for. To explain the matter further, take for example the situation of a young woman who lives by herself and a young woman who has become a young mother.

A young independent woman does have all the time in her life she would like to spend with herself, her family, her friends and her career; whereas, a young mother needs to balance the attention that she is giving for herself and her child. In a mirror sense, it may seem that it is only the time that each other has for themselves that may be different in the scene. However, if examined closely, this situation focuses more on the capability of the two individuals to face the challenges of the coming years in their lives.

The young woman is noted to be susceptible to several heartaches or disappointments that she may meet in the future. Why is this so? Because she only needs to care for herself, she only needs to make sure that she is fine and that is the end of the line. Meanwhile, a mother of a young child would care less of herself but would focus more on the needs of her child, the demands of her role being a mother to her young. Through this reason for existence, the young mother turns out to be more powerful as she tends to exert effort not only for herself but for the life that depends on her for survival .

IT always pays to have the rightful realization that someone needs the other. IT is rather comforting to know that even though one has taken many mistaken steps and decisions in the past, the motivation to push through comes from the fact that people live for others and not for themselves alone. This is the true essence of the existence personality theory.

References: Milton, M. (1994) HIV Related Psychotherapy and Its Existential Concerns, Counselling Psychology Review, V9

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