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Corrosion Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Extract of Squash Seeds as an Organic Rust Inhibitor

Corrosion is the phenomenon of a material as a result of its interaction with its environment, which is applied mostly to metals particularly to their reaction with oxygen. Rust inhibitor that when added to liquids decreases the corrosion rates of a material. The researchers proposed for a rust inhibitor made of extract of squash seeds to prove if it is applicable as an alternative product. This proposed study only covers the effectiveness of the product and also the effectiveness of ratio content of ingredients that may benefit to the students, teachers, future researchers, and especially if guaranteed in the field of metal industry. This research study entitled “Extract of Squash Seeds as an Organic Rust Inhibitor” focuses on the capability…

Components of atmosphere

The main components of atmosphere are almost invariant. However, the content of water vapor is an exception that it varies with the changing of location, season and time. Oxygen and water vapor plays a significant role on the processes of atmospheric corrosion. Therefore, atmospheric corrosion can be classified in the following three categories: Dry corrosion Damp corrosion Wet corrosion Component Percent/% Component Percent/% Component Percent/% Atmosphere 100 H2O. Components of atmosphere (Impurity excluded, 10? ) 2. 1 Dry corrosion In the absence of significant water vapor, many common metals develop films of oxide. In the presence of traces of gaseous pollutants, copper, silver and other non-ferrous metals undergo film formation which is known as tarnishing. The tarnishing of silver in…