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Corrections Accreditation and Privatization Essay

Accreditation means to meet requirements. Corrections are a system of agencies likes jails and prisons. So corrections accreditation is just that. Correction systems need to meet requirements all the time to maintain accreditation to hold a higher standard. Corrections accreditation has a positive effect on the professional develop of corrections officers. Because the standards for accreditation change every year, this means that the officers have to go through more things to become credible. By learning new things they set higher standards. Accreditation improves the management of the facility, raises accountability and credibility for the staff and administration, and makes for a safer environment for everyone. To plan for better correctional officer professionalization and accreditation the industry leaders can make it harder to get that position. They can make the training harder and make them go through new training or refresher courses every so often.

Most times these officers let things slide they should not, which leads to lower credibility for the institute if they are caught because such things need to be reported. A correctional officer job is not one to take lightly because they are not glorified babysitters. They need the extra training and they should have to meet certain physical criteria so if in a position they need to get out of they have the smarts and ability to do so. Privatization is basically the private operations of prisons and jails. This affects state and federal because privatized systems do not have to follow the same guidelines as the others.

The privatized systems can also go for profit, non-profit or charitable organizations whereas state and federal prisons depend on tax money to operate. Privatized prisons are held accountable and this is measured and monitored just as in state and federal prisons. They do not cut corners so in many ways they are more secure and safe compared to state and federal prisons. The privatized prisons offer effective inmate programs just as do the state and federal prisons. They also hold to the safety standards that state and federal prisons do.

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