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Corrections Accreditation and Privatization Essay

“Corrections accreditation is intended to improve facility operations through adherence to clear standards relevant to all areas/operations of the facility, including safety, security, order, inmate care, programs, justice, and administration” (“American Correctional Association”, n.d.). Going through these types of processes can be very beneficial to a corrections officer’s development. Going through these procedures, the experience will assist them in keeping and maintaining a professional outlook in any situation. Correctional facilities are equipped with officers who are trained to not only keep everybody safe in the environment, but to maintain security and order at all times. These officers need to be professional just as anybody else would in any position within a job.

Their development lies in improving their thought process and their skill at the job when necessary and changes occur almost every day. Industry leaders can make good changes when hiring corrections officers. A good way simply being when hiring staff, there is no tolerance for illegal activities. Making improvements in their training programs, if need be. In addition to those, upgrading the facility with better measures as far as security. All of the things covered when being audited can make a difference to planning for better future outcomes. Prisons for some time have been dealing with not only major financial situations in local, state, and federal governments, but overcrowding as well is a huge concern.

“Privatization as it refers to prisons is to both the takeover of existing public facilities by private operators, and to the building and operation of new and additional prisons by for-profit prison companies” (Cheung, 2004). Due to the rising in state and federal population it is a concern to consider the all-around costs of incarceration, operation and management. It seems as though state and federal prisons have more of a professional practice, whereas a private institution might suffer because of demands, rising costs, conditions (depending on location), etc

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