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Corpus Juris Civilis Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Historical laws and Security

Historical Laws and Security Checkpoint CJS/250 April 24, 2013 Historical Laws and Security Checkpoint The Babylonian King Hammurabi established the code of Hammurabi. It was established by the king himself in 1750 B.C. and discovered intact in 1901. It contains 282 clauses variety of obligations, professions and rights, as well as retail, slavery, marriage, stealing, and outstanding debts. If any of the clause was to be violated the punishment that would be handed down would be severe (Clifford, 2004). This code is well known for serious punishment. The principles outlined are in the form of Lex talionis, or the law of retaliation to fit the crime (an eye for an eye). The Draco‚Äôs code was named for the Greek of…