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Cooperative Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Dynamics of high school teaching: Cooperative learning

The general conduct of a teacher while in classroom is very important. Effective class room management is always core and it calls for fairness to all students, common sense, consistency and courage. Teachers need to understand both psychological and development needs of students. It is a common observation that students have little respect for female teachers. This is because they see them as weak unlike their male counterparts. The role of teacher is very important in classroom. The teachers act as role models in guiding students to achieve their life time goals. A major concern is teaching of manners and instilling discipline to students at young age. Discipline is important in any growing child as it helps to control his…

How is globalization affecting marketplaces in remote areas of the world?

Quality of life for the poor is increased at an accelerated rate. The poor are better able to earn money and afford to buy the things they need. The International Monetary Fund talks about a study of the subject that was carried out by World Bank economists David Dollar and Aart Kraay: They concluded that since 1980, globalization has contributed to a reduction in poverty as well as a reduction in global income inequality. They found that in “globalizing” countries in the developing world, income per person grew three-and-a-half times faster than in “non-globalizing” countries, during the 1990s. In general, they noted, “higher growth rates in globalizing developing countries have translated into higher incomes for the poor.” Dollar and Kraay…

Extent Of Compliance Of Manual Of Rules And Regulations Among Cooperatives With Savings And Credit Services In The Province Of Guimaras

A cooperative A cooperative is an autonomous and duly registered association of persons, with a common bond of interest, who have voluntarily joined together to achieve their social, economic, and cultural needs and aspirations by making equitable contributions to the capital required, patronizing their products and services and accepting a fair share of the risks and benefits of the undertaking in accordance with universally accepted cooperative principles.(http://www.lawphil.net/statutes/ repacts/ra2009/ra_9520_2009.html) The history of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOS) begins at 1850 A.D. from Germany. F.W. Raiffeisen established first SACCOS for economic development of deprived, poor, unemployed and starved people. Analyzing the history of all SACCOS in the world, it found that all are established to prioritize economic empowerment of people and relieving from…