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Convenience Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Compare and contrast shopping as a leisure activity of British Culture with that of your own culture

Becoming a foreign student has given me the opportunity of living in two cities at the same time. Living in each city regularly has let me see many similarities and differences between both. In this essay, I will mainly compare and contrast shopping as a leisure activity between United Kingdom and Hong Kong. I will look at the kinds of activities, attitudes towards spending, the view of shops and the opening hours of shops. First of all, both United Kingdom and Hong Kong are consumer societies. People can find all sorts of things to do like shopping in malls or streets. The appearance of the malls in United Kingdom primarily comes from the fact that they feature more than hundreds…

Purchasing and inventory system

INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study Batang Convenience Store is a retail business selling dry goods, LPG’s, soft drinks and food that located in Silang, Cavite. It is founded by Yolanda and Eduardo Atienza who started its first operation on 1999. Since its venture to this kind of business, Batang Convenience Store never used any type of record books or computerized systems. The owner arranges the purchasing of supplies by evaluating documents like delivery receipts and purchasing orders, which is time-consuming, tiresome, and inconvenient. The owner is not aware if product is no longer available or the item is becoming out of stock. If the owner wants to purchase items from the supplier, it must be done in form of writing….

7-Eleven Company

The Opportunities: Like many others companies, 7-Eleven also has lot of opportunities. The opportunity in this company is fresh food provided. Every morning, fresh meal will be available at 7-Eleven store for people to take away and get a quick breakfast. (Paradise, 2014) Next, the appearance of freebies and discounts is also opportunity in this company. Discounts are gives depends on what its business partners offer. Sometimes when it comes to certain seasons, 7-Eleven will has it own attraction as it is giving out freebies to customer when they purchase certain amount. It is because the new trend is increasing among the customers that they like freebies and discounts. Even it is not what they need it or whether they…

Supply chain Management

Summary: The case discusses about the operation of the world’s largest convenience store chain Seven-Eleven in Japan, and the way it became Japan’s top leading super market chain. Seven–Eleven started its operation in Japan in November 1973 under an area licensing agreement between Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd., and The Southland Corporation. With more than 15,500 stores worldwide, Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd (SEJ) franchises 6,900 stores in Japan and most of the remaining stores located in North America. SEJ has maintained the top position in convenience stores in Japan for twenty years since it opened its first store in downtown Tokyo in May 1974 under the strong leadership of Mr. Suzuki (Chairman and CEO of SEJ). The retail chains total sales including…

Mercury Drug Research

Mercury Drug Corporation is the Philippines’ dominant pharmacy group. The Quezon City-based company operates a national chain of more than 450 drugstores, including company-owned and franchised stores. Mercury Drug is estimated to sell as much as 60 percent of all medicines sold each year in the Philippines (the country’s hospitals sell about 12 percent of medicines). Mercury Drug’s pharmacies follow the American model, combining drug and medical equipment sales with over-the-counter medicines, personal care items, basic household needs, cosmetics and other beauty products, and the like. Most of the company’s stores also are equipped to store and sell serums, blood plasma, albumin, and similar biologically active medical products. In addition to its drugstores, Mercury operates a chain of Mercury Drug…