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Control theory Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Management Control System

Detector -> measure what actually happening in the process being control. 2. Assessor -> what is actually happening by comparing with some standard/expectation. 3. Affector -> feedback. 4. Communication Network -> transmit information between the three above. Management Control process is the process by which managers at all levels ensure that the people they supervise implement their intended strategies. Management Control process characteristics: 1. The standar is not preset -> management decide what organization should do. 2. Management control is not automatic. 3. Management Control requires coordination among individuals 4. The connection from perceiving the need for action to determining the action required to obtain the desired result may not be clear. 5. Much Management Control is self control. System…

The Choice of Foreign Entry Modes in a Control Perspective

The Choice of Foreign Entry Modes in a Control Perspective Svend Hollensen*, Britta Boyd** and Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich*** The aim of this article is to investigate the choice of entry modes for international markets in a control perspective. A survey from the Confederation of Danish Industry with 234 Danish Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) served as the data base. The entry modes are categorized into three groups depending on the control that the company has over its activities abroad. The paper examines the selected factors that influence the entry modes of Danish SMEs in different strategic settings. Results show that the most deciding factor for the choice of high control entry mode (subsidiary) was the factor ‘turnover’. The factors,…

Part1. Physical items

Goods: Physical items produced by business organizations. Operations Management: the management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide services Process: One or more actions that transform inputs into outputs Services: activities that provide some combination of time, location, form, and psychological value System: a set of interrelated parts that must work together. Technology: the application of scientific discoveries to the development and improvement of goods and services Operations management requires: both knowledge of the facts and how to interpret that info in order to produce and deliver Requires constant improvement: due to competition in the marketplace and advances in technology Good process design is: customer driven. What questions> What type of process is best suited that will fulfill…