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Control system Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Organizational Controls

The case describes one of the most common problems that arise in cross-cultural business expansions without accounting for cultural and social differences across borders. Lincoln is a well established company with a great concurrent control system which enables it to move swiftly through processes and end up with phenomenal figures of efficiency and productivity. The control system at Lincoln is concurrent, although it can be argued that the system has certain similarities with the feed-forward control system. However, one thing is certain: the system is quick and flexible to change quickly which does not consist of the slowness of the feedback system. In particular such a system along with the different types of reward schemes makes Lincoln highly successful in…

Challenges Faced by Records Centres in Zimbabwe

People frequently turn to technology because they find they can’t manage their paper records. Either they are swamped by too much paper on site, or they can’t find the documents they need, or both. By itself, technology cannot fix a records management problem; technology applications need a lot of research and planning to be effective. While automating records can be a valuable tool, there are challenges to integrating these technological devices into a record system. Tennessee State Library and Archives states that, a records centre is, “an interim storage and retrieval facility where inactive records of more than one agency may be administered on behalf of such agencies and may be stored and retrieved conveniently, economically, and in good order…