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Contrasting Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Comparing and Contrasting two Distinct Cultures

Culture is a unique attribute of human beings that demarcate people over world on basis of their customs, beliefs, ideas, morals, characteristics, knowledge and set of values. Culture has been the greatest determinant of progress of civilization, binding the separate, isolated groups of individuals in form of societies founded on certain common principles while retaining scope of individual expansion and intellectual growth (Aronson, 1995). The distinction and variation induced due to numerous cultural components has resulted in the immense diversity and broadness, enriching the experience of human civilization. This paper looks at different cultural components that demarcate United States of America and Mexico, two neighbor countries sharing same geographical location, but widely different in their individual social, political, economic, and…

Comparing and Contrasting Four Early Civilizations

Nearly all the modern civilizations of the world can trace back their origins to the world’s four earliest civilizations emerged in four different parts of the world in roughly the same time. These four civilizations were the ancient Chinese, Indus Valley, Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian Civilizations. The emergence of these civilizations is the hallmark of a new age. Though it is not yet proved that there was any interaction between these four civilizations and probably all four have been developed indigenously in their own unique circumstances, but they posses remarkable similar characteristics. One of the most prominent similarities is the geographic location where they developed i. e. river valleys. Despite these similarities they have their own unique characteristics not found…

How does Austen use contrasting characters in Pride and Prejudice?

How does Austen use contrasting characters in Pride and Prejudice? (Part B question) Jane Austen uses contrasting characters in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ to highlight her characters traits, both good and bad, and comparing them to others, and by doing this she can shape the plot of the novel. One obvious contrast in the novel is that of Mr Wickham and Mr Darcy and is used to build tension in the plot and convey Jane Austen’s message of being too judgemental. When we, and the characters of the novel, are introduced to Wickham for the first time we see him in an extremely good light because of the overwhelmingly positive description of his ‘gentlemanlike appearance’, ‘perfectly correct and unassuming’ manners and…