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Contradiction Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Alan Lightman’s “Progress”

In Alan Lightman’s Progress; the writer believes that the general idea about advancement in technology being the measuring scale for society’s progress is a logical fallacy; the two ideas mentioned in this paragraph state Lightman’s self contradictory, yet relative and valid points. In the fourth paragraph Lightman states, “If progress is human happiness, has anyone shown that Twentieth- century people are happier than Nineteenth-century people?” Alan Lightman makes it clear that technological advancements are not a true indicator of society’s progress. He hints that a better indicator would be “human happiness”. I agree with the writer because happiness to me is the real measuring scale of progress. Technology has been evolving ever since man invented the wheel. In any given…

Manipulating Meaning Worksheet

Part A: Twain’s Family Tree Use all the skills you have learned throughout this course to complete a close reading of the description you’ve chosen. Use context clues to make sense of things that are not clear at first. Pay attention to Twain’s tone and the humor devices he uses. 1. Which of Twain’s ancestors did you select? Charles Henry Twain 2. What is the ACTUAL story of that man’s life? Provide supporting evidence from the text. “lived during the latter part of the seventeenth century he converted sixteen thousand South Sea islanders, and taught them that a dog-tooth necklace and a pair of spectacles was not enough clothing to come to divine service in” He was very well liked…

Men and Animals

What does it mean to be human? Are we animals? Or are we something different? “Animals Like Us” by Hal Herzog talks about the relationship between human and animals. The article inspired me to think about what is it that makes us human. I believe humans are similar to animals in many ways, but also unique because of the complex decisions humans could make. as discussed in Herzog’s article about the many contradicting relationships humans have with animals. Interestingly, human have a lot of similarities with animals. For example, human and animal are mammals in which both give birth instead of lay eggs like reptile. Also, we would raise our children rather than abandon and let them live on their…