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Contracts Essay Topics & Paper Examples

International Contracts

The present research endeavours to situate international contracts within the context of international dealings transnational construction parties. It is hoped that the results will show the prevalence of international contracts in the business as well as the role which they play in concluding deals. Previous research (See Appendix 1) conducted in this field has shown that construction contracts are indeed accomplished between international companies. However, the precise role that international contracts as legal documents have on the relations between a construction company and a foreign client have not been studied before. That is the difference that this present research will make given the nuances which set apart construction contracts from international contracts per se. Research Methodology In this research, some…

Bilateral and Unilateral Contracts

There are two many types of contracts in the world of business: Bilateral contracts and Unilateral contracts are two of them. Each type with its special form and rules. In the world of business, a bilateral contract” is one where both parties are to perform their promises or obligations at some future time but not necessarily at the same time”. And a unilateral contract “is one where one of the parties performs his promises at the time of making the contract and the other party promises to perform in the future” (Contracts, 2006). Which one is more common in the world of business? There are some reasons that make the bilateral contracts more common than the unilateral contracts in the…

Bilateral or unilateral contracts

The Law of Contract can be defined as an agreement containing a promise or promises which can be enforceable by law. Sir John William Salmond a legal scholar defined a contract as “an agreement creating and defining the obligations between two or more parties”. A contract may be in any two kinds either bilateral or unilateral depending on the whether both or one party makes a promise or promises. Where both parties to the contract make a promise or promises, then the contract is referred to as a bilateral contract. Bilateral is the most common kind of contract in business. Both parties are bound together at an exact time, this is also referred to as mutuality of understanding. The bilateral…