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Continuing education Essay Topics & Paper Examples

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Name Your Price: Compensation Negotiation Whole Health Management Group 6 Abhisek Jha 10PGHR04 Annesha Pramanik 10PGHR08 Kunal Dayani 10PGHR21 Priyanka Gupta 10PGHR30 Ria Ghosh 10PGHR42 Tanu Mehta 10PGHR51 Base Salary Status: $100000 per year paid semi monthly • Reason: Since Whole Health Management is a mid cap company and it wishes to pay competitive package at HBS , we have chosen median base salary of health sector from exhibit 6. • Also, since the CEO, Jim Hummer is willing mentor and provide a lot of challenging opportunities to Munroe, which he might not get anywhere else so he would be ready to compromise with the monetary benefits and not choose 75% base salary Stock options Stock options: Options to purchase…

The Role of The Guidance Counsellor

INSTITUTE OF GUIDANCE COUNSELLORS The Role of The Guidance Counsellor ContentsPage Introduction3 Definition3 Membership4 Adult Guidance5 The Role of the Guidance Counsellor7 Vocational, Education & Personal Guidance8 Labour Market Education & Training14 Equality & Diversity15 Managing A Service & Programme Delivery15 Information & Resource Management16 Counselling Skills17 Ethical Principles & Professional Practice18 A Model of Practice of the Guidance Counsellor20 Who is entitled to access Guidance & Counselling Service? 21 Locations & Settings23 Referral Services24 References25 Welcome to the IGC The Institute of Guidance Counsellors established in 1968, is the professional body representing over 1300 practitioners in second level schools, third level colleges, adult guidance services, private practice and in other settings. On behalf of it’s members and their clients the…