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Contest Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Beauty of Beauty Contests

Every person wants to know their worth. They want to be known and want someone else to verify the one thing she should already know. You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. The first impressions are based on appearance and pose. Some people find enjoyment in competing on who looks the best, who has the best talent, and who is a team player. Beauty pageants or contests are widely accepted all over the world with women, men, and children who eat, breathe, and sleep excelling in all categories. But why is it so important? I think that beauty contests are beneficial for a number of positive reasons. Participants use their physical talents to excel competitively just as those who decide to…

Are Beauty Contests Harmful?

  INTRODUCTION So, there was a time in which beauty contests had just started, in the 1920s. It started getting out of control, and it ended up in a murder scene on Christmas Day of 1996. Who ever thought that a simple contest started up to boost tourism would end up in such a way ? After the murder of the six-year-old on December 25th contests were and still are held yearly. Ranging from 6 months to 6 years to even contests for elders. Today I will describe why most contests are horrible for children. BODY A) History of Women in Pageants In 1854 P.T. Barnum decided to organize the first beauty pageant, which would rate women on their physical…