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Consumer and Market Knowledge Essay

During the internship at ITC (in logistics), I interacted with ground level employees (on floor)-even when it is not mandatory. Through which I got in debt understanding of the actual process happening on field. By doing so I was a able to identify that the workers are mixing up the stock without associating with their respective codes. I was also able prove that by abandoning one particular plant J-1(name shortened) will save cost irrespective of its flexibility and proximity.

During my schooling, I was the School president during my X- class.There was an alumni meet along with the inaugural function every year. My role that year is to look over the snacks and gifts (for our our alumni and guests). We were allotted a budget and we paid the dealer in advance. The function has been postponed to the next day, So we left the oder (snacks and gifts) in the dealers godown. But the next most of it is spoiled by the rats. The dealer accepted to take the responsibility, but neither is he able to return our total money or reproduce the order immediately. I being the response point took two decisions:

For gifts, i made the dealer to give gift vouchers, which we will give to our guests and alumni, through which they can go to that distributor and select a gift of their choice within the price range (discount included as per original agreement). And for the snacks, instead of buffet I opted for dine-in to avoid the stock out situation. And also instead of having three common snacks, we opted for a variety of snacks in small quantities(it includes fruits to a large extent). During the crisis I conveyed my proposal to my Vice-principal, and it was readily accepted. And next day i was applauded during the morning prayer in front of the whole school by the principal for my effective handling of the situation.

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