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Consultant Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Kenworth Motors

Based on the information given in the case the OD consultant did not prepare for the meeting as he should have. He had no in depth knowledge of Kenworth Motors, its operations and even less of Mr. Robert Denton (the plant manager). In addition of having no knowledge of this potential new customer, the consultant relied on his experience and recommendation of an existing client who interacted with Mr. Denton in a non-professional environment. During their brief telephone conversation, Denton identify himself as being the manager of Kenworth Motors, and how he was interested in having a meeting with the OD Consultant. In the case it is noted that the consultant didn’t give the conversation much attention, because the consultant…

Consultant and possesses

I have a friend working in the same organisation where I am working. He was a management consultant and possesses a vast experience in meeting various kinds of people coming from different organisations and possessing different kinds of skills. His experiences have made him a very interesting person and I generally do enjoy spending time with him. During one of our conversations, we came across the topic of introducing changes to an organisation. Soon, we were discussing the best ways to introduce the changes in an organisation, so that all the people are with you while you bring about the necessary changes. I was amazed by his insights and knowledge regarding the best ways in bringing about the changes. He…

Skills Assessment Summary and Matrix

A skills assessment was conducted on Team B. Team members worked together in indentifying their respective skills and developed a matrix table to understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses. In performing the skills assessment a diverse mix of skills were identified that include case management, case planning, client services, assessment advocacy, research and information gathering related to client services that also include translation services for the Hispanic population. To achieve as a high performance team it was established that strong core values will help guide attitudes and behaviors in improving the performance of the team goals. Team B diversity of work experience provides individual perspective and knowledge in human services management, in non-profit, public and private industries. The skills assessment…