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Constraints Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Soft Budget Constraints

Marxism-Leninism is dead in Europe. However, this huge and important work explains in great detail why it is dead, and why it died when and how it did. Putting this 700 page book’s thesis in one sentence: Marxism died because of “soft budget constraints” which, themselves, derive from the mono-party system in charge of the economy. This is the basic argument and thesis of this present work. This review will contain three parts: first, an elementary description of some of the basic ideological concepts of Marxism as Kornai understands them, second, the more technical economic issues brought up in the book that place these ideological concepts into a more functional economic explanation, and lastly, a conclusion that seeks to tie…

Holfstede’s Cultural Constraints

In his article “Cultural Constraints in Management Theories,” G. Holfstede (1993) argues his main point that there is really no universal management theory, such that the means to manage organizations greatly vary across countries and cultures. For instance, the concept of management in the United States is different from, say, Asia or Europe, let alone apply to the two latter regions. A specific management concept or practice may be accepted in America but it does not mean that it is also accepted in some other part of the world. Holfstede begins by exploring the origins of the concept of management in cultures in varying times and notes the differences in the management theories. For example, managers are said to be…