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Considering Your Audience Essay

The three views to wri? ng to an audience are classical, cogni? ve, and social views. They all vary in their own aspects, but all of them have great methods for wri? ng. Classical view is the same as classical wri? ng from our classical world. It is comprised of di? erent components: theory, analysis and imita? on, and prac? ce, classical view has to do with an audience that is iden?? able age, demographics, religion is appropriate for and audience that we do not know. It helps writers prac? ce gramma? cal, logical, and rhetorical skills, as well as thoughts of imita? on and persuasive communica? on.

A cogni? ve view has to do with the way a writer transfers his ideas together to an unknown audience. In this view, writers analyze how people process and read the informa? on presented to them, in term the writer uses his mo? va? on to consider the level of his audience. A good example would be reading a textbook, the ideas designed to teach or inform unknown audiences. There are highlighted ideas as if a textbook would have to help guide you through the book to make it a whole.

Social view is more speci? c and dependent on what one is wri? ng. Social view style comes from some type of interac? on, which is predominantly used to a%ract readers on a speci? c topic from talking about things that audience is interested in. I thinking that maybe a social view would be like wri? ng a biography. Alterna? vely, maybe social media? The view that I o’en use in wri? ng is normally cogni? ve. due to the fact that I serve in the military I like to develop my ideas and thoughts ? rst, then guide my audience through my process and possibly to my conclusion.

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