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Considerations Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Owning Military Property: Legal Considerations

Reviewing the situation of Doug Champlin in his attempt to assume ownership of a US military Navy TBD-1 Devastator World War II airplane, it is enlightening to better understand the tight lock that the government has on military property. Although Champlin spent $130,000 to recover the aircraft for his airplane museum in Arizona, the Navy asserts ownership and wants to place the plane at the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola, Naval Air Station. Frustrating to Champlin is the fact that although he is willing to release the plane to the government, the Navy is resisting to pay him the recovery costs. What would have been better for Champlin would have been having knowledge of the special legal considerations…

FDA Tobacco Regulation: Economic Considerations

The primary motivation of the new legal right of the FDA to regulate tobacco, endorsed by the legislature and signed into law on June 22nd, is to reduce both health risks to humans and economic risks to the health industry.  The new legislation was reportedly supported by 70% of the American public as well as over 1,000 public health, faith, and other organizations (Tobacco Free Kids, 2009). In a summary provided by Tobacco Free Kids, the recent legislation will allow for stricter marketing rules in regard to advertising tobacco to children, stopping the production of candy and fruit flavored tobacco products, promoting bolder, larger, and more emphasized health warnings, disclosures of the specific contents of tobacco products, promoting changes in…