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Consent Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Standard of Care

Case Study: Sandra, a 45-year old female, was brought into the emergency room by her friends with a severe head wound. According to her friends, Sandra tripped and fell after consuming several alcoholic drinks. When she arrived at the hospital she was incoherent and the hospital staff was not able to contact her next of kin. Due to the severity of her wounds, the physician chose to begin medical procedures. 1. Define “standard of care.” How would appropriate “standard of care” be determined in this case? Standard of care is a diagnostic and treatment process that a clinician should follow for a certain type of patient, illness, or clinical circumstances. The appropriate standard of care to this patient would be…

Common law

A Tort is the French word for a “wrong.” A tort is a civil wrong. A civil wrong involves a breach of a duty owed to someone else, as opposed to criminal wrongdoing which involves a breach of a duty owed to society. Torts are civil wrongs other than breaches of contract and certain equitable wrongs. The law of torts law is a remainder category of civil wrongs once other wrongs are excluded. It covers a grab bag of legal cases comprising such disparate topics as auto accidents, false imprisonment, slander and libel, product liability (such as defectively designed consumer products), and environmental pollution (toxic torts). A person who suffers legal damage may be able to use tort law to…