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Consanguinity Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Insurable interest case study

Adia owns a house and has an elderly third cousin living with her. Adia decides she needs fire insurance on the house and a life insurance policy on her third cousin to cover funeral and other expenses that will result from her cousin’s death. Adia takes out a fire insurance policy from Ajax Insurance Co. and a $10,000.00 life insurance policy from Beta Insurance Co. on her third cousin. Six months later, Adia sells the house to John and transfers the title to him. Adia and her cousin move into an apartment. With two months remaining on the Ajax policy, a fire totally destroys the house, at the same time, Adia’s third cousin dies. Both insurance companies tender back premiums…

Theme ‘Catch Us If You Can’

English Literature – “Catch Us If You Can” Do you like the story? Give your reasons” I like the story ‘Catch Us If You Can’. The characters are interesting. There are suspense excitements and humors from the beginning to the end of the story and the themes are universal and relevant to our lives. The characters in the novel are fascinating people. Rory is a remarkable young boy who has responsibility thrust upon him because his grandfather is aging, has memory lapses and needs constant care and attention. Young as he is, Rory makes sure his grandfather takes his medication, does the shopping and the cooking and even cleans the house. He is truly to be admired. In addition to…