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Conflict resolution Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Effects of conflict on productivity

List of Figures and Tables Page Study population – Table 3.1 8 Response rate -Table 4.1 9 Causes of Conflict – Table 4.2 9 Causes of Conflict – Pie Chart 4.1 10 Effects of Conflict – Table 4.3 10 Effects of Conflict – Pie Chart – 4.2 11 (vi) Chapter One INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction Lucgeor Enterprises was registered in 1998 as a general merchant business but specialized in supplyof printed and general stationery amongst others. Since its registration , Lucgeor has never looked back and have dominated the supply of stationery to most of the businesses in Mombasa and surrounding towns. The company has 43 members of staff who have the necessary skills and commitment to the ideals of the…