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Conflict of interest Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Confidentiality, Multiple Relationships, Conflict of Interest

You are a counseling psychologist. One day, a 19 year old daughter had knocked on your office door and asked for some advice. You notice that she is Lily, your nephew. She is almost crying when she entered your room. It is important to note that this nephew of yours had become an intern in your clinic 6 months ago. This made you hesitant to accept her in your counsel. However, you decide to let her in. After some 10 minutes of just crying, she told you that she was raped by her boyfriend one week before that consultation. Upon hearing that, she urgently told you that you don’t want to tell that to her parents, meaning your sister (you…

Corporate Law- Promoter

Rolly approached Molly and Polly and asked them to be shareholders to form a company. Then Rolly acquired a shop lot worth RM350,000 in order to prepare for the company in future. She bought this shop lot below the market price as the vendor was looking urgently to sell it. After the company is formed, she sold the shop lot to Jiggles Sdn. Bhd. at market price. Thus, she gained a lucrative profit of RM200,000 without the knowledge of any other party. Definition of promoter Section 4(1) of the Companies Act 1965 defined promoter is a person preparing prospectus. (not limited to this definition alone) According to Cockburn CJ in Twycross v Grant (1877), a promoter is a “person who…