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A meta-analytical review of the relationship between emotional intelligence and leaders’ constructive conflict management Essay

Conflict competent leaders


            The article examines the connection involving emotional intelligence and the ability of leaders to manage and resolve conflict positively. According to Schlaerth, Ensari, & Christian, (2013) understanding of effective conflict management is important traits for competent leaders that lead to constructive conflict management in organizations. Competent leaders are able to solve conflict in an organization due to their emotional intelligence. The trait helps leaders to understand their own emotions and those of other workers. The result is use of the most effective conflict resolution process and strategy that would ensure the success of the organization.

            Lack of ability to resolve conflicts constructively affects the relationship between the employees and the leadership. The result is poor performance in an organization, which is blamed on poor leadership. Therefore, the article acknowledges the roles of leaders in the conflict resolution. In addition, it evidences the importance of extraordinary ability to handle emotions in order to achieve constructive conflict resolution.

            Consequently, the article discusses the need of emotional intelligence for the non-leader workers in order to ensure constructive conflict resolution. The non-leader workers will help to reinforce strategies and process that are laid down by leaders to resolve the conflict constructively. Hence, the article tries to address the question about what of competent leaders in conflict management and resolutions. In addition, it points out the involvement of other workers in connection with leaders in order to achieve effective and constructive conflict solution.


Schlaerth, A., Ensari, N., & Christian, J. (2013). A meta-analytical review of the relationship between emotional intelligence and leaders’ constructive conflict management. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 16(1), 126-136.

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